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OD 1096 mm Slewing Bearing

  • Product NameOD 1096 mm Slewing Bearing
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    Slewing Bearing for Wind Turbine ?UIPI Part Number: EGSBM 1096 855 80 ?Outer diameter: 1096 mm (90") ?Inner diameter: 855 mm (33.66") ?Height: 80 mm (3.15") ?Axial play: Less than 0 ?Radial play: Less than 0 ?Core hardness: 262-302 HB ?Material: 42CrMo ?Gear Data ?Module: 9 ?Number of teeth: 120 ?Addendum: 8 mm (0.315") ?Dedendum: 11.25 mm (0.443") ?Pitch diameter: 1080 mm (42.52")UIPI is an ISO9001 certified company, which is also known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of od 1096 mm slewing bearing. We have been dedicated to this field for a decade. Should you are interested, please be free to buy quality slew bearings in stock from our factory and customized orders are also welcomed.